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In the past, if you found yourself injured, you had a just a few places to turn to. If you were recently broken, you might have limped along to A & E (and sat and waited for all those poor cardiac and bleeding folk  to be looked after first). You might have been x-rayed, told your ankle/shoulder/head ‘wasn’t fractured’ and sent home with the advice to ‘ice it and take it easy’. Not great if you’re running the London Marathon in three and a half weeks time. So it’s off to the GP – maybe you’re told ‘it’s a ligament problem – it’ll take time’, and meanwhile ‘take some anti-inflammatories’. So you turn to a physio or osteo (hooray- hope in sight!).. but somehow you just don’t seem to get back to running comfortably. As a final resort, it’s off to an orthopaedic surgeon.. who offers you an operation ‘if you want really want one..no guarantees- it’s your choice’ or advises you to simply ‘stop running and play golf’.

There is another option. It’s called sports medicine. 90% of  persistent aches and pains don’t need surgery, and sports doctors are trained in  – you guessed it – sports medicine. That mean we’re focused on getting you back to your running, triathlon. rugby, ballet, football, hockey, cricket, skiing, netball, kite surfing, mountaineering, capoeira, trapeze, or whatever floats your boat!


Cath qualified in 1995 from St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, and trained in Sports Medicine at Bath University. She has worked with an extensive range of different sports people, ranging from Paralympians and Olympians and to the occasional exerciser. She was a Sports Physician at the 2012 Olympic Games, the 2002 Commonwealth Games, and has worked with GB rowing, track and field sports, marathon, endurance and outdoor adventure sports men and women. She developed an MSc Programme at Bangor University, she’s a keen lecturer, and has presented in several TV productions. She works full time in private sector, and has a happy and  successful practice, Sportdoc London Limited,  based in London and Surrey. Cath is mere mortal marathon runner and triathlete, and is passionate about helping others to get their practices into great shape.


Liz Pinches: Ironman Triathlete

I have to thank Cath Spencer-Smith as, without her, I’d never have got to the bottom of what was causing my odd symptoms and pain during sport. It confounded other sports doctors and physios for about five months before Cath diagnosed F.A.I. (a.k.a. hip labral tear). She helpfully linked all my symptoms to explanations of what was really going on, and referred me for imaging to prove it, following which she referred me to an expert surgeon to get the injury fixed. I continued to race well and finished the season under her guidance and now I can say, I am just about as good as new again! In a country where this type of injury and high level endurance athletes are far from well understood, I have had complete faith in Cath and her advice has proven to be right every time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any athlete who cares about their body and wants it to work at its best, the way I do.

Huw : Financial Consultant

When I could no longer serve over-arm, I thought that basically I was getting too old for tennis (I’m 62). I tried taking some tablets, but the pain in my shoulder grew worse and worse, and I couldn’t sleep.
Dr Cath was wonderful. She was kind, thorough, and after an examination and an ultrasound she worked out that I had problem with shoulder tendons and my ‘ACJ’. After an injection and physio exercises, I was back on the court within a month. Fantastic!

Katie : Professional Dancer

My osteopath recommended that I see Dr Spencer-Smith, when my ankle was still causing me pain after surgery for a fracture. I had several weeks off work (I’m a professional contempoary dancer), I couldn’t rehearse, and I was getting fat!  Dr Spencer-Smith quickly spotted that I had a problem with the soft tissue at the side of the ankle, and problems with my balance. She expertly performed a surprisingly pain-free injection, and got me more appropriate exercises for my glutes and calf.  I am back dancing, and I would definitely recommend her if you’re a performer who’s struggling to recover.

Matt : Golfer

I have found the service offered by Dr Cath Spencer-Smith to be outstanding. I had a troublesome hip injury that had been bothering me for months. Cath successfully made a diagnosis, organised for MRI scans and set out a treatment plan in 2 weeks, and I am now well down the road to recovery.  As a keen amateur golfer, the service provided here, is as close to a dedicated professional medical support team as I will ever get. It is so reassuring to know that this kind of focused and no-nonsense treatment is available to us ordinary folk.


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