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Sport and Exercise Medicine Physicians treat the whole person,  which means we can help with any musculoskeletal problem, in any area of the body.  Because 90 % of sports injuries don’t require surgery, we are an excellent option if you’re wanting to avoid surgery, or, if you are looking for an expert to help you through a process of rehabilitation after surgery. At Sportdoc, we can also help with the ‘medical’ aspects of physical training, such as overtraining syndrome, underperformance, and stress fractures.  Often patients will present with more than one problem, such as  hip and back pain, which is why it makes sense to see an expert who will help the entire you, rather than say an orthopaedic surgeon, who may only be able to help you with a single area. We are movement experts, and so can help you back to being functionally restored, and feeling like your hip bone really is connected to your thigh bone!


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Email: info@sportdoclondon.co.uk or call:  020 8004 7733

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