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Are you struggling with neck or back pain? You’re not alone – it’s still one of the commonest reasons for visiting the G.P. Many people are worried about what their back pain means, and may become fearful about moving.

In addition to our sports, our lifestyle habits such as prolonged sitting and poor muscular conditioning can lead to overload of intervetebral discs and the small facet joints of the spine.

 Some sports which encourage lots of back extension e.g. tennis, can lead to unusual conditions, (e.g. pars stress fractures), whilst headaches can arise from neck and postural problems associated with desk work.

Perhaps you’ve seen your GP, or you’ve already had physio or osteo treatment. Whilst it’s been a help,  you find yourself stuck in a cycle of only temporarily getting better – and then it all comes back again.  Perhaps you’ve even seen a spinal surgeon who told you that you that you should have surgery, or that there was no other option. But you’re not sure. Some of the patients I meet have thought they had sciatica, but actually have a problem with their hamstrings or hips.

The good news is, there are other options for you, and it starts with getting a proper diagnosis and assessment of your movement. There are many successful non-surgical options if you have back or neck problems that are holding you back from sport. Get in touch info@sportdoclondon.co.uk if you’re struggling with neck or back pain.

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