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Is a foot or ankle problem holding you back from running or sports?

Whilst ankle sprains are really commonn, a surprising 32% of them will still be causing significant problems up to 7 years later. Many of the patients I meet are quick to dismiss a mechanically unstable ankle as just being ‘weak’. The problem is, when you repeatedly ‘go-over’ on the ankle, you risk long-term damage to the internal joint surfaces. As a rule of thumb, if a sprained ankle hasn’t recovered by three months, it’s time for help. Overuse problems can also affect tendon structures (e.g.tibialis posterior, peroneus longus and the achilles tendon). All of which adds up to pain and a really frustrating time trying to return to being active.

If you’re a runner, biomechanical faults such over-pronation, or weak glutes can lead to soft tissue overload and stress fractures. The wrong footwear can compound the problem, and many people fail to consider the important role of strength and conditioning work for their sport. Whilst most ankle injuries resolve quickly with the correct rehab, occasionally further interventions (e.g. injection therapy or key-hole surgery are needed to get you back to sport. If that’s the case, I can help you get back on track, safely and swiftly.

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