Not sure what to do next?

I’m here to help, and I welcome enquiries from patients & professionals.

For further information, or to book an appointment, please contact:

Sue Winter, Practice Manager

Tel: 0208 004 7733
Fax: 020 7900 2032


If you’re sending correspondence, we’d love to receive it by email, please.

Seeking a second opinion about an unresolved problem, or looking for guidance on whether to go ahead (or not) with surgery? I’d be delighted to see you for a consultation. If you’re a self-funding patient, no referral from your GP is necessary, although any information from your physio or osteo is super helpful.

Sportdoc London is recognised by all health insurers (including BUPA, AXAPPP, AVIVA, Simply Health and Vitality). Please enquire for further details.

Fees for Self-Funding Patients:

New Patient Consultation: £260
Follow Up Consultation: £200