You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling..

2017-06-01T10:56:51+00:00 By |Training tips|

You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling.. This weekend we had a phone call from a family member who was feeling a little anxious about going away on a sporting holiday. This is an annual week’s holiday he has taken with his friends for the past thirty years. It’s all about golf, and lately his game hadn’t [...]

High intensity classes – Friend or Foe ?

2017-06-01T10:56:52+00:00 By |Training tips|

This summer we've been witnessing amazing action on centre court at Wimbledon, and we're gearing up for Rio! Athletes need to train hard in preparation for the Olympics, but when it's not done carefully - guess what? - they break. Maybe it's 'get a beach body time' (urghh), but we've witnessed a recent spike in [...]

9 ways to train happy and healthy this winter

2017-06-01T10:56:53+00:00 By |Training tips|

The dark winter months can test the motivation of the even the most enthusiastic of endurance runners, so if the lack of light is leaving you feel more ‘mole’ than ‘Mo’, and you’re prone to ‘man-flu’, read on: 1) Make a commitment- Going out to exercise in cold, dark weather can challenge even the most [...]

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