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The shoulder is wonderfully clever arrangement of three separate joints, combined with an articulation of the shoulder blade (scapula) on the chest wall (thorax).  A complex scaffold of ligaments and muscles allow it to function both as a stable platform for transmitting force through the arm, and a mechanism for hand positioning.

But mobility comes at a price, and thus the shoulder is more vulnerable to trauma and prone to overuse injuries. In addition, habits of daily life such as poor posture, work activities, and misguided exercise routines, can produce a muscularly imbalanced shoulder, leading to tendon degeneration, impingement of soft tissues, and chronic pain.

To compound the situation, there can often be a confusingly similar manner in the way that minor and more serious injuries can present. It’s therefore really important to get an early, skilled assessment of a shoulder problem, so that the correct diagnosis and treatment can be given.

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