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The knee is much more than just a large hinge. It actually permits a little rotation, enabling us to pivot quickly on the foot.  Knee pain is very common; traumatic causes (such as meniscal and cruciate ligament tears) occur frequently in contact sports such as rugby, whilst overuse injuries (such as iliotibial band friction syndrome) are more prevalent in distance runners.

The knee’s action is heavily influenced by motion at the hip, foot and ankle, as well as muscular control occurring at many levels in the body. Many patients have been through the dissatisfying experience of being told that whilst their knee scan is ‘normal’ and ‘no surgery is required’, no alternative advice is offered, other than to ‘give up sport’.It’s therefore unsurprising that many people struggle on with poor self-treatment. A prompt and thorough assessment is swiftest way to get back to comfortable activity, and can prevent long-term secondary damage.

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