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Groin pain can be a hugely frustrating problem, and the groin’s complicated anatomy can give rise to a confusing array of symptoms.  Over time, secondary problems can arise, which makes accurate diagnosis more difficult. Although simple muscle injuries (e.g. a minor tear in an adductor muscle) are not uncommon, many patients have persistent pain, which remains unidentified and untreated.

In our experience, a significant proportion of such patients may actually have a  problem with the hip joint (e.g. femoroacetabular impingement syndrome), pelvic overload (a form of mechanical breakdown, sometimes referred to as ‘osteitis pubis’), tendinopathy of the iliopsoas muscle, damage to the inguinal ligament and lower abdominal wall, or even a lumbar disc problem! We believe in using a very thorough and in-depth approach to identify the likely diagnosis, confirmed with imaging where necessary. This enables the correct treatment (which can vary from rebalancing remedial exercise, through to more complex treatments such as hip arthroscopy) to begin.

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